Get ready for some hot Hairspray as we check out fake Jennifer Hudson nude pictures! 12-6-16

December 6, 2016

JenniferHudson_bigHot Jennifer Hudson fake nudes!
Everyone loves a musical, right? Okay not everyone. But for those who like a bit of singing and dancing in their lives, NBC is revving up its big, live production of the year for Wednesday night That’s when NBC will be showing its live version of Hairspray and this musical about 1950’s Baltimore has it all, from a touch of weirdness courtesy of John Waters to racial desegregation battles to kids dancing their booties off! And it also has a star studded cast including many gorgeous women and the way we’re going to properly celebrate that cast is by showing them off, starting today with hot Jennifer Hudson fake nude pictures! Read more

Her show got cancelled, but with plenty of fakes of Hayley Atwell nude, O’Really can save the day! 12-5-16

December 5, 2016

HayleyAtwell_bigConviction's Hayley Atwell fakes
There’s sure been a lot going on lately, hasn’t there? It’s even been too much for O’Really and he’s usually on top of everything…especially when it comes to hot fakes of naked celebrities! But even O’Really can miss a story now and then and it sure seems with the election and Thanksgiving and now the holiday season roaring down on us he missed that Hayley Atwell’s Conviction got canceled! Ordinarily O’Really wouldn’t care but when a show stars a beautiful redhead with big tits, you’re damn right O’Really cares and he couldn’t possibly let this happen without taking another opportunity to post Hayley Atwell fake nude pictures! Read more

Fakes of the Week taps into wild fantasy with this week’s best starring Keira Knightley, Victoria Justice and lots more! 12-4-16

December 4, 2016

KeiraKnightley_bigIt’s hard to believe that it’s only three weeks until Christmas already but the good news is that there’s still plenty of time to throw yourself into the holiday season and still have time to enjoy all the important things in life, like red hot fake nude celebrity pictures. We know you can’t get enough of those sexy celebrity fakes and that’s why we spend our weekends getting together for the Fakes of the Week! It’s a celebration of this week’s best sexy illusions of nude celebrities and we are going to get wild and weird as we count down to number one today. So buckle up and enjoy because we have Bella Thorne and Keira Knightley and lots more if you just click inside! Read more

Fakes of the Week is making it a December to remember with hot illusions of Avril Lavigne, Kate Upton and more! 12-3-16

December 3, 2016

AvrilLavigne_bigCan you believe it’s the weekend again already? Well it is and the Fakes of the Week is back! We had to take last weekend off due to all the Thanksgiving hustle and bustle so thanks to the Celebrity Spotlight crew for filling in for us. But turkey day is over and we are back to focusing on the best fake nude celebrity pictures this site has to offer. It’s time for all that holiday madness and what better way to take a break and enjoy yourself than to get over here and see the best fakes of the entire week! We are kicking off December in sexy style with Avril Lavigne and Emma Watson and lots more so click on inside and see this week’s best! Read more

On Westworld, Thandie Newton nude is always a highlight, but our fake nude pics of her are even better! 12-2-16

December 2, 2016

ThandieNewton_bigWestworld's Thandie Newton fakes
There’s a lot you can say about the new HBO smash hit Westworld. You can marvel at the twists and turns. You can ponder how the makers of the show turned a cheesy 70’s sci fi hit movie into a deep pondering of the very nature of what makes us real. You can try and figure out the mysteries of what is at the center of the maze. Or you can look at it and say “Wow, they sure get Thandie Newton naked a lot!” And guess what we’re going to do? Because we here at Celebrity Pass have put together quite a display of Thandie in her hottest fake nude pictures to show off just what we’ll be missing when the show goes on hiatus. Read more

December kicks off with a trip to camp…meaning hot and sexy Anna Camp fake nude pictures! 12-1-16

December 1, 2016

AnnaCamp_bigNo revolt for fake Anna Camp nudes!
They call it “peak TV” and frankly we’re not inclined to argue. Because we are truly living in the kind of age where there are so many opportunities to watch television than ever before in so many different ways with so many different kinds of quality options. The days of three major networks being the end all, be all of your viewing options are long gone. Now the networks are close to irrelevant and we have cable and streaming options giving us more TV with shorter, more compact seasons making for better shows. But what is our point to all of this? We’re getting to that and we’re also getting to these Anna Camp fake nude pictures! Read more

It’s Gilmore Girls XXX as we show off hot and sexy Alexis Bledel fake nude pictures! 11-30-16

November 30, 2016

AlexisBledel_bigHot fakes of Alexis Bledel nude
The episodes have been online for almost a week now and people are still talking about the new episodes of the Gilmore Girls. People have high compliments and they have a lot of criticism but the important thing is that people are talking and buzz is good buzz, especially when we can look at two gorgeous women like Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel. We have lots of ways to check them out thanks to these new episodes but the best way to do it is with the fake nude celebrity pictures we have here. And today we are shining that Celebrity Spotlight brightly on Alexis as we show off her tight, firm body in all of these fakes! Read more

It’s looking like the Christmas season is starting as O’Really gets out Christina Hendricks fake nude pictures! 11-29-16

November 29, 2016

ChristinaHendricks_bigBad Santa, good Christina Hendricks fakes
Good news everyone! O’Really is back! And he’s already in the holiday mood! Because it might not even be December yet but it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and O’Really knows what that means. It means hot girls under the mistletoe and it means hot nude celebrity fake pictures where we have the sexy girls wearing nothing but Santa hats. Oh yes now that’s the kind of holiday fun O’Really loves. And he knows what he wants for Christmas already because he can see it right here in these Christina Hendricks fake nude pictures! Her big tits and voluptuous figure are just what anyone would want, even Santa! Read more

An abbreviated check of the Fakes of the Week show off last week’s best with Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Debby Ryan and more looking amazing! 11-28-16

November 28, 2016

TaylorSwift_bigHot fake of Taylor Swift nude ruled
How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? We know what we’re thankful around here and it’s being able to have this huge collection of the very best fake nude celebrity pictures! And even though the holiday weekend craziness was a bit intense and we spent a lot of time stuck in traffic, your friends here at the Fakes of the Week have not forgotten about all the great artists who made tremendously sexy and creative fakes and the fans who badly want to see their favorite naked celebrities. So while this might not be our regular way of doing things, we’re still going to make sure and show off last week’s best. So hop on inside for Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Emma Watson and lots more! Read more

Fake Evan Rachel Wood nude pictures make it clear you don’t have to go to Westworld to see her stripped! 11-27-16

November 27, 2016

EvanRachelWood_bigWestworld's Evan Rachel Wood fake nude
We are taking advantage of the Fakes Of The Week gang getting caught up in all the Thanksgiving weekend craziness by turning the Celebrity Spotlight on brightly to make sure that you all can see your favorite celebrities nude and very naughty. And what better way to do that than by taking a little trip to Westworld. You know what we mean, don’t you? Everyone is talking about HBO’s trippy new hit show. And it’s not just the wild plots and thought provoking commentary about what it means to be human. It’s the nudity! And we’re going to show that off the best way we can with Evan Rachel Wood fake nude pictures! Read more

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