Nicole Kidman’s movie went straight to cable but O’Really is here to save it with Nicole’s fake nude pictures! 5-26-15

May 26, 2015

Nicole Kidman nude doesn't show 'Grace'
We just went through the Cannes Film Festival, the very height of glitz and glamour and movie star magic. Now O’Really couldn’t be there since he is legally prohibited from entering certain countries and France is one of them. But he was certainly keeping up on all the news about all the huge glamorous events and premieres. Sometimes the movies premiering there end up becoming the biggest critical hits of the year with rapturous reviews and awards for all involved. And sometimes they end up going straight to the Lifetime Channel. Wait, what? When the heck did that happen? Well it just so happens it happened last night and O’Really is here to talk about the debacle known as Grace of Monaco with lots of Nicole Kidman fake nude pictures. Read more

Fakes of the Week makes it a magical Monday with Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and so much more! 5-25-15

May 25, 2015

It’s a special day today and not just because we’re finishing off our big weekend countdown on a Monday thanks to the extra day we have. It’s Memorial Day and we should all be taking a moment to remember those who fought and died for our freedoms, freedoms like being able to freely enjoy fake nude pictures of our favorite celebrities. It’s easy to take things like that for granted, but our freedoms are hard earned. So thank a veteran today. But as to the matter at hand, it’s time to get back to our Fakes of the Week countdown where we close out the long weekend by getting to number one with some sexy style. It’s going to be a hell of an ending today so get set for some sexy fun with Selena Gomez, Zendaya Coleman and lots more! Read more

Fakes of the Week does the long weekend right with a hot look at Emma Stone, Katharine McPhee and lots more! 5-24-15

May 24, 2015

Well it might be a little late, but when you see what we have for you then you are going to realize that it was very much worth the wait to get to the Fakes of the Week! Yes indeed we are rolling into this long holiday weekend and we are going to take full advantage of the extra day by starting the countdown today and then getting to our top five on Monday. And while it’s a little off the normal pattern it will be worth it to check out the stupendous, overstuffed countdown we have for you today with lots of gorgeous nude celebrities in all their fake glory with Katharine McPhee, Demi Lovato and lots more! Read more

Ariana Grande loves her small tits and O’Really loves her fake nude pictures! 5-23-15

May 23, 2015

No tits, no problem. Ariana Grande nude
What’s this? O’Really? On a Saturday? What the hell is going on? Yeah, well O’Really doesn’t like it much either. The big boss herself gave him a call telling him that he had better get to work today because the guys who do the Fakes of the Week got buried in their work…literally. Apparently the hundreds of fake nude celebrity pictures the site updates each week fell over and buried them under them or something. The updates guy is trying to rescue them but knowing how much he screws up it’ll probably be weeks or something. But worry not everyone, O’Really is here to entertain you and he’s here to talk about tits! Specifically Ariana Grande’s tits and just what this tiny pop star did the other day on social media! Read more

Get to know a babe! We can’t wait for Tomorrowland after seeing Britt Robertson fake nude pictures! 5-22-15

May 22, 2015

Dream of Tomorrowland's Britt Robertson nude!
Who’s ready to travel into the world of Tomorrowland where the ideals of and dreams of a society that has not given into cynicism and still has big, bold visions of a better tomorrow can happen? Well Disney is sure hoping that a lot of people are interested in checking out the big budget science fiction adventure that is hitting theaters today. And while Disney certainly isn’t going to make it part of their marketing, you have to believe that showing off these Britt Robertson fake nude pictures will get a lot of people interested in seeing the movie. After all, she looks amazing here and if there is going to be an ideal society, you know it’s going to have her naked in it! Read more

O’Really shows off the Julianne Hough wardrobe malfunction and lots more in her fake nude pictures! 5-21-15

May 21, 2015

More than a Julianne Hough nip slip
Accidents will happen. That’s just the nature of life. But accidents don’t have to mean someone falling down the stairs and breaking every bone in their body (not that O’Really has ever thought about “causing” that kind of accident for the Updates Guy). No sometimes they can be good accidents where hot celebrities accidently expose parts of their body that we want to see but they don’t want to show. Those are called wardrobe malfunctions and we got a really nice one the other night when we got a very good look at a Julianne Hough nip slip. But if you want an even better look at her hot body, then O’Really has something better than a sexy accident. He’s got lots of fake pictures of Julianne nude and naughty! Read more

Brittany Snow fake nude pictures make us want snow in May! 5-20-15

May 20, 2015

Brittany Snow nude is pitch perfect
We love checking out fakes of the hottest and sexiest celebrities nude and we have a feeling you do too. After all, why else would you be here at a wonderful site like this? And you know what’s great about this site? It’s that you can see anything you could ever want, even if that means snow in May. What’s that? Why on Earth would we see that? Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. Well then let us elaborate more. We mean Snow as in these Brittany Snow fake nude pictures which help show off just why Pitch Perfect 2 is sweeping the nation. Read more

Get to know a babe! Elizabeth Olsen fake nude pictures show why she is a star of summer! 5-19-15

May 19, 2015

Elizabeth Olsen nude is our favorite witch
It’s hard to keep track of what’s huge this year at the box office because it seems as though every time a big movie makes an impact with ticket sales there’s another movie right after it that steals the thunder. We had barely gotten into Fast and Furious 7 before Avengers Age of Ultron came along and now, just two weeks after that movie was released, all anyone is talking about is Mad Max: Fury Road and Pitch Perfect 2. But we shouldn’t be so quick to forget about those Avengers and not just because it’s another huge financial success and the money keeps getting printed out over at Marvel Studios. No it’s also because why would anyone want to forget about these Elizabeth Olsen fake nude pictures! Read more

Taylor Swift has ‘Bad Blood’ but O’Really has her and her hot friends like Selena Gomez and Hayley Williams nude in fake pictures! 5-18-15

May 18, 2015

Nude Taylor Swift Bad Blood XXX fun
Well everyone’s all in a frenzy over last night’s Mad Men finale and how it all ended up being a Coke commercial or something (better than it all ending up being a dream or something like that). But O’Really isn’t here to talk about Mad Men unless he’s going to get Christina Hendricks nude again. No, O’Really is here to talk about something far more important. It’s Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video. It premiered last night during the Billboard Music Awards and it starred so many hot girls in it that O’Really definitely took notice. Because if there’s one thing that makes a gathering of hot girls even better it’s a lot of naughty fake nude celebrity pictures and O’Really has a lot of those of Taylor and all her sexy friends. Read more

Fakes of the Week makes the best fake we had this week look so good with lots of Mila Kunis and Eliza Dushku along the way! 5-17-15

May 17, 2015

It’s another fine Sunday and while no one likes seeing the weekend end and heading off to work on Monday, at least you can end your day (and your weekend) by checking out the very sexiest fake nude celebrity pictures we have. Oh yes, it’s the Fakes of the Week and we get to show off to you the very sexiest fake pictures we have of the most gorgeous naked celebrities. There’s no better way to spend your Sunday than seeing which fake is number one and checking out all the women competing for that top spot. We have quite a collection today in our top five so get in here to check out Emma Watson, Eliza Dushku and lots more! Read more

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