Kaley Cuoco fake nude pictures show off a perfect 10 body at #37! 8-26-16

August 26, 2016

It's a big bang with Kaley Cuoco nude
Time for a bang everyone, a mighty big bang indeed. Now of course you know what we’re getting at, don’t you? Yes it’s time for some red hot Kaley Cuoco fake nude pictures as we show off this gorgeous blonde in all her glory. People love seeing her on The Big Bang Theory but the best way is to see her right here in the Celeb Hot 50 countdown where she is sitting mighty pretty as she rocks the house at #37. She’s never looked hotter than she does right here in these fakes and we can’t wait for everyone to get a look at her here today! Read more

Don’t call it a comeback! Hayden Panettiere fake nude pictures return to the countdown at #38! 8-25-16

August 25, 2016

Hot Hayden Panettiere nude!
Okay everyone, we have successfully locked O’Really back up and hopefully he won’t be bothering us any more during this countdown. Even though we have to say the Bella Thorne bisexual scoop is quite the story and one we will be exploring further when we have her make her big countdown debut. But that’s down the line because today we are instead focused on someone else, the gorgeous blonde who has come in at #38 in our Celeb Hot 50 countdown. Today we are focused on these Hayden Panettiere fake nude pictures as we welcome her back into our ranking of the 50 sexiest celebrities in the entire world! Read more

O’Really is interrupting the countdown with bisexual Bella Thorne fake nude pictures! 8-24-16

August 24, 2016

Bi bi boys, bisexual Bella Thorne nude!
We interrupt this countdown for some big, breaking celebrity news! That’s right you thought you could keep O’Really locked away while you did your precious Celeb Hot 50 countdown ranking the 50 sexiest celebrities in the world today, well guess again! No one stops O’Really! Not the Updates Guy and definitely not the countdown guy! O’Really has broken free to bring you the hottest news and the hottest fakes and boy does he have a doozy to report today because sexy teen star Bella Thorne is bi! Yes the bisexual beauty loves cock AND pussy! What more could you want? Well how about some Bella Thorne fake nude pictures to go with it! Read more

Countdown stunner! Emma Stone fake nude pictures fall out of the top 10 all the way to #39! 8-23-16

August 23, 2016

Emma Stone nude takes a tumble
The countdown is here for another day and we have to say that we were not expecting this result. This is a huge stunner. One could even call it an upset and frankly this upset is making us upset because here we are staring at gorgeous Emma Stone fake nude pictures and we can’t think about her incredible body. All we can think about is what a huge fall she’s taken in just one year. Last year in the 2015 countdown she came in at #10 and this year? Look at her at #39! We can’t believe it. It’s one of the biggest falls of the entire countdown and it’s time for the voters to see why Emma should be ranked much, much higher. Read more

The countdown revvs up again with sexy Sarah Hyland fake nude pictures at #40! 8-22-16

August 22, 2016

'Modern' beauty Sarah Hyland nude!
It’s the start of a brand new week and when it’s this time of year you know what that means. Yes it’s time for the Celeb Hot 50 countdown to keep rolling on. The Summer Olympics might have come to a close but the best and biggest prize of them all is still to be awarded and that’s the determination of who is the sexiest celebrity in the entire world. There are 50 women on the list and so far we have seen 10 of them. So let’s keep on going as we check out the lovely woman who won the desire of the voters enough to be ranked #40. That lucky lady is Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland and we’ve got her hottest fake nude pictures on display today. Read more

Fakes of the Week has a wild ride to number one with Victoria Justice, Jessica Alba and many, MANY more! 8-21-16

August 21, 2016

We admit it. We love to see prizes given out for achievement. That’s one of the reasons we’ve been so into the Olympics. We love when people are honored for all their hard work and given the fanfare they deserve. Maybe that’s the reason we are so into doing the Fakes of the Week where we honor the artists who have put together the hottest and sexiest fake nude celebrity pictures. We are eager to tell you about the very best and most creative artists we have on the site. We want all of you to enjoy their hard work and realize that this is not easy. So let’s do what we do best and honor some great artists because we are counting down to number one today with Jessica Alba, Keira Knightley and so many more celebrities. Read more

Fakes of the Week has a hot show for you all with Emma Stone, Kate Upton and lots more! 8-20-16

August 20, 2016

It’s hard to believe that the Olympics are almost over. We’ve seen so much in the last two weeks. We saw American gymnast girls turn into unstoppable superstars. We saw Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt take their final bows draped in gold medals. We saw…well the less said about Ryan Lochte and his misadventures the better. But while the games are about to close you’re mistaken if you think the prizes are finished. No we are about to dole out some serious honors right here as we check out the Fakes of the Week. The very best fakes of the entire week are here and we are going to name which ones are the very best with the hottest countdown in town. So get on in here because it is time for the first half and with Emma Stone, Penelope Cruz and lots more it is truly an international celebration! Read more

Hailee Steinfeld slips to #41 with her fake nude pictures but is poised to rise again! 8-19-16

August 19, 2016

Teen steam with Hailee Steinfeld nude
And so we complete another successful week in our countdown of the most beautiful celebrities in the entire world. The Celeb Hot 50 2016 edition is rolling on and today we are showing off one of the brightest young stars in our countdown. She had a huge debut last year but has tumbled in 2016. However she is poised for big things in 2017 for sure and we have a feeling people are going to be very eager to check out each and every one of these Hailee Steinfeld fake nude pictures as she comes in on the countdown at #41! Read more

At #42, Kat Dennings fake nude pictures unleash the full power of her all-natural D cups! 8-18-16

August 18, 2016

Real tits, fake Kat Dennings nude
We’ve seen some real beauties during the Celeb Hot 50 countdown and that’s to be expected of course because we are counting down the 50 sexiest women in the entire world. But simply being hot won’t do. You have to be elite to be in a countdown like this one and you have to have something special. Well that is exactly what we have here today as we check out not only one of the sexiest women alive but some of the best tits you will find in Hollywood today. So everyone get in here and check out these sexy Kat Dennings fake nude pictures as we show off #42 on the countdown! Read more

Rihanna shows off her iconic body in fake nude pictures at #43! 8-17-16

August 17, 2016

Rihanna nude is what you came for
The Celeb Hot 50 is really starting to sizzle now and we know that people are going to love the fakes we have on display. After all we not only have one of the most famous singers in the entire world on display today, but one of the most talented and one of the most purely sexual too. When we show off these Rihanna fake nude pictures today, we’re not just showing off the #43 girl on our Celeb Hot 50 countdown, we’re also showing off a trendsetter and an artist and someone who makes her body move in a way that’s straight out of our fantasies. Read more

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