Isla Fisher fake nude pictures show off her hot body in our Celebrity Spotlight! 10-27-16

October 27, 2016

IslaFisher_bigChecking out sexy Isla Fisher nude
Now you might think that we are focusing way too much on a movie that no one went to see and perhaps you are right. But it’s just hard for us not to put our focus on a movie when we have so many fake nude celebrity pictures to show. Because whether or not you all went to see a movie, it doesn’t change how hot the fake pictures are. And when we’re talking about Isla Fisher fake nude pictures, you know we’re going to be eager to get them under the Celebrity Spotlight no matter what, whether her movie is a hit or a flop. So get inside and check out Isla like you’ve always wanted to, nude and nasty! Read more

We’re ‘Keeping Up’ with Gal Gadot fake nude pictures! 10-26-16

October 26, 2016

GalGadot_bigBetter than movies, Gal Godot nude
Let’s face it everyone, making a movie is tough. Sometimes you think you have it all, from a clever premise to the right actors to the most attractive women and the end result just doesn’t work out like you had hoped. Case in point, Keeping Up With the Jonses. This new comedy arrived in theaters last weekend and did not do well at all. In fact it will be leaving those theaters very quickly too. But before it does we want to explore it in a way that no other website did by turning the bright lights of the Celebrity Spotlight on it. And we can do to that with these sexy Gal Godot fake nude pictures! Read more

The Celebrity Spotlight is back! And we’ve got This is Us’ Mandy Moore fake nude pictures to share! 10-25-16

October 25, 2016

MandyMoore_big'This is' Mandy Moore nude
We are back! Yes after taking a break for the last few months so we could all enjoy the Celeb Hot 50 countdown, Celebrity Spotlight is back and we’ve missed you guys. First off congratulations to Selena Gomez for taking home the crown for 2016 and second off, we are primed and ready to bring you the very best looks at what Celebrity Pass and its vast collection of the best fake nude celebrity pictures has to offer. And we’re doing that today as we spotlight one of the fall’s breakout hits on television and do it the best way we can, with lots of Mandy Moore fake nude pictures. Read more

O’Really is back and so is The Walking Dead so he’s got all the Lauren Cohan fake nude pictures you’d want! 10-24-16

October 24, 2016

LaurenCohan_bigBloody good Lauren Cohan nude!
Okay is the coast clear? Is the countdown over? Do we have to go through another ranking of sexy celebrities again or are we done until next year? Because O’Really is eager to get back to the business of breaking news and letting everyone know that no one has sexier celebrity scoops than him. So big spoiler alert countdown fans, people love seeing Selena Gomez nude. Big surprise there! O’Really has more important things to focus on like the season premiere of The Walking Dead that has everyone online worked into such a tizzy that people are sobbing and screaming and traumatized. Well O’Really knows how to make things better and it’s with sexy Lauren Cohan fake nude pictures! Read more

Fakes of the Week has a wild run for the top with Natalie Portman, Bella Thorne and lots more! 10-23-16

October 23, 2016

BellaThorne_bigAre you worried about hell freezing over now that the Cubs are in the World Series? Well don’t because we are ready for the heat to come and fix everything thanks to how hot and sexy all of these fake nude celebrity pictures are. Because today is no mere day, it’s Sunday and that means we are getting the Fakes of the Week to show off just what the very best and hottest fake pictures of the week are. And we have quite an explosion of sexiness today with packed fakes and creative imaginations and wild action and some of our best artists. We have Bella Thorne and Jennifer Aniston so much more and it’s all on display here if you just click below… Read more

Fakes of the Week rocks Faketober with lots of Emma Watson, Selena Gomez and more! 10-22-16

October 22, 2016

SelenaGomez_bigWell we are certainly thirsty for competition around here, aren’t we? Oh yes, the World Series is just a few days from now and we have just completed our Celeb Hot 50 countdown for 2016. But if you think the countdown of the 50 sexiest celebrities in the entire world is the only place you can see this site’s best, then you are wrong. Because when it comes to the absolute best you can’t beat the Fakes of the Week. That’s where we take a look at the hundreds of fake nude celebrity pictures that were updated to the site this week and we determine which ones are the very best of the best. And we are in for a hot and sexy weekend countdown right now as we get things started with fakes of Selena Gomez, Kat Dennings and lots more! Read more

She’s #1! She’s #1! Our new champion is crowned as we delight in Selena Gomez fake nude pictures! 10-21-16

October 21, 2016

SelenaGomez_bigBig winner Selena Gomez nude
And now we have arrived at the big day…the crowning of a new champion in the 2016 Celeb Hot 50! Yes we started out months ago at #50 with sexy model Candice Swanepoel nude and today we have completed our long journey all the way to the #1 spot as we feast our eyes on glorious Selena Gomez fake nude pictures! Yes Selena is our new champion. She is the one our voters have declared to the sexiest celebrity in the whole world and it wasn’t even close. Now we can show off the sexy fakes of her that reveal just why her body was declared to be the hottest! Read more

At #2, Emma Watson fake nude pictures are never second best as we expose the naughty side of this beauty! 10-20-16

October 20, 2016

EmmaWatson_bigSexy silver for Emma Watson nude
We are almost at the end today and we are on the verge of crowning a brand new champion for the sexiest celebrity in the world as we culminate our Celeb Hot 50 countdown for 2016 tomorrow. But that’s all about tomorrow. What about today? Well today we have one of the most beautiful and elegant and smartest and most graceful women in the world turned into a hot and horny slut thanks to the magic of fake nude pictures. Today we are looking at the woman who got #2 on the countdown but is never second best. Today our eyes get to feast on the erotic vision of Emma Watson fake nude pictures! Read more

At #3, Anna Kendrick fake nude pictures take home the bronze as the countdown closes in 10-19-16

October 19, 2016

AnnaKendrick_bigBronze beauty Anna Kendrick nude
It’s hard to believe that we are almost at an end with our epic journey to a new #1 winner in the Celeb Hot 50 countdown. We have but mere days left in our countdown of the 50 sexiest celebrities in the entire world and today we have a very special lady on display for sure. She’s tiny and talented and can sing and act and write and (probably) dance. All that plus she is wonderfully attractive with a brain and a body forming the complete package. Yes it’s time for Anna Kendrick fake nude pictures as we show off why this babe is sitting pretty at #3! Read more

The countdown is ready to do the time warp again with sexy Victoria Justice fake nude pictures at #4! 10-18-16

October 18, 2016

VictoriaJustice_bigHey Rocky, it's Victoria Justice nude!
Just days before she shows up on national TV in the biggest role of her career, we have what Victoria Justice fans really want to see…her hot naked body getting very slutty for all of us! Because when it comes to the Celeb Hot 50 countdown, it just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have Victoria Justice fake nude pictures on display so her beautiful young body can be properly appreciated. She’s been all the way to the top and now she is coming in at #4 as she is primed and ready to move into the next phase of her career by being a bad girl and loving it! Read more

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