Zoolander 2′s Penelope Cruz fake nude pictures are really, really, really good looking 2-12-16

February 12, 2016

International beauty Penelope Cruz nude
This is very important. When you’re making a movie about really, really, really good looking people, it’s important that you cast the most beautiful women in the world in it. And so when the creative minds behind Zoolander 2 decided to put Penelope Cruz in their movie it just made total sense. Because if there is one thing that everyone can agree about when it comes to Penelope, it’s that she is incredibly beautiful. Really, really, really good looking is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Penelope so it makes total sense for her to be a lead role in this movie and for us to make sure her fake nude pictures are put on prominent display. Read more

Hayden Panettiere does Lip Sync Battle but first O’Really exposes her and Christina Aguilera in fake nude pictures! 2-11-16

February 11, 2016

Lip sync this! Hayden Panettiere nude!
O’Really loves it when celebrities do things that are a bit unexpected, like dressing up like a ho and singing in front of a studio audience and then doing it on TV. Think that won’t happen? Oh how wrong you are and all you have to do is check out Spike TV’s smash hit show Lip Sync Battle to see it because tonight the show has a Hayden Panettiere Lady Marmalade performance that brings down the house, not just because Hayden dresses up like a total slut for it but because she is joined by the queen slut herself Christina Aguilera. Yes the two join together for some slutty lip syncing but before they do O’Really is here to expose them both with hot, nasty fake nude celebrity pictures. Read more

Forget Hail Caesar, get your attention right here on Scarlett Johansson fake nude pictures 2-10-16

February 10, 2016

Hail Scarlett Johansson nude
We would ask if all of you had the chance to Hail Caesar over the weekend but judging from the box office returns, you probably did not. Yes it seems as though the multiplex going movie lovers of the world did not embrace the Coen Brothers new comedy which takes a look at the golden age of Hollywood through their very unusual eyes. But that’s fine. The movies are not all about box office success. And perhaps we can help convince people to go. How can we do that? Well these Scarlett Johansson fake nude pictures certainly are going to be a big help to that, won’t they? Read more

Megan Fox is the new “New Girl” and we’ve got her hottest fake nude pictures here! 2-9-16

February 9, 2016

New Girl Megan Fox nude!
Who’s that girl? It’s the New Girl and….hey, wait a minute! That’s not Zooey Deschanel! Yes desperate times have called for desperate measures and there is a big change coming to Fox’s hit sitcom New Girl starting tonight. And we at Celebrity Pass are very excited, not just because the show is so funny and interesting with a crack ensemble of hilarious people, but also because it gives us a great reason to show off these Megan Fox fake nude pictures in our Celebrity Spotlight. She is taking over the show starting tonight and there is no better time than now to show her off at her sexiest. Read more

Beyonce Knowles stole the Super Bowl spotlight and O’Really has her hottest fake nude pictures! 2-8-16

February 8, 2016

Hot Super Bowl diva Beyonce Knowles nude
Well how about that Super Bowl, huh? Brutal. Just absolutely brutal. O’Really has been to better played games of tiddlywinks. And it wasn’t just that the defenses on both sides were strong. The offenses were just incompetent with turnovers and mental mistakes. The sooner this game is burned from our memories the better. But there was something to see that was extremely enjoyable and it wasn’t the commercial with the singing sheep or Peyton Manning shilling for Budweiser. No it’s all about the Beyonce Knowles Super Bowl halftime show performance and O’Really is all over that story with some of Beyonce’s hottest fake nude pictures. Read more

Forget the Super Bowl, the real contest is right here to see if Jessica Alba, Emily Blunt or others is tops in Fakes of the Week! 2-7-16

February 7, 2016

Are you ready for some footballllllllll? Well probably you are. After all, it’s Super Bowl Sunday and it’s pretty much a national holiday here in the good old US of A. For the rest of the world, people are probably looking at us and wondering why the entire country is fixated on a bunch of sweaty guys ramming into each other at top speed. And maybe there’s a point there because the Panthers versus the Broncos is not the only contest happening today. It’s also time for the Fakes of the Week showdown that will reveal which fake of all of them ended up being the very best one this week. We had so many good ones and now we’re checking out the best. So forget Cam Newton versus Peyton Manning. How about Emily Blunt versus Taylor Swift? Let’s see if one of those two or maybe another gorgeous nude celebrity will be number one! Read more

Fakes of the Week has your weekend showdown with Emma Watson, Daisy Ridley and lots more! 2-6-16

February 6, 2016

It’s the weekend and it’s a big weekend indeed. And no we’re not just talking about the big game that’s tomorrow. Yes everyone has Super Bowl fever and wants to know who’s going to win this huge showdown between the aging gunslinger looking for one last shot of glory versus the brash, unapologetic and dynamic talent. It’s Peyton vs. Cam and we can’t wait. But all of that is tomorrow and we’ve got an even bigger and better contest here with the Fakes of the Week! Yes it’s time for us to take a look back at the hundreds of fake nude celebrity pictures that were uploaded to the site this week and show off the best. So forget all the sweaty dudes and check out the slutty girls because we’ve got Emma Watson, Olivia Wilde and so much more! Read more

Jane’s Got A Gun, but O’Really has Natalie Portman fake nude pictures and that’s better! 2-5-16

February 5, 2016

Natalie Portman nude scene dreams
With the way things are going in Hollywood lately, it seems like the movie studios should just give O’Really a big pile of money and let him run things because he has the solution to all the ills impacting the studios lately. Got a big flop movie? O’Really knows how to fix it and the answer is so simple he can’t believe no one else has thought of it. Movies need nude celebrities and lots of them! It’s the perfect solution! A bad movie is always made better with lots of tits and ass and O’Really is a genius for figuring it out, especially when he has Natalie Portman fake nude pictures to show! Read more

Lucy Liu fake nude pictures show off why we love seeing all of this beauty! 2-4-16

February 4, 2016

Lucy Liu nude is elementary!
For people who are big fans of the beautiful sexy goddess that is Lucy Liu there is a lot out there to be happy about. Not only is she a big part of the number one movie at the box office but she’s also on a hit shot too and she’s looking sexier than ever. And the last part is something we can particularly agree about because we’re looking at some gorgeous Lucy Liu fake nude pictures and we are putting them in display right here in our Celebrity Spotlight. So her fans are going to be extremely happy with what they see here today. Read more

Why did her movie flop? O’Really checks out Chloe Grace Moretz fake nude pictures and knows! 2-3-16

February 3, 2016

Chloe Moretz nude would be a huge hit
O’Really has been hard at work lately. He hasn’t actually been working on anything but he has been checking out a lot of the box office numbers lately and he doesn’t like what he sees. The new movie The Fifth Wave recently came out to middling reviews and mediocre box office. This adaptation of the popular young adult book series is not exactly the new Harry Potter or the new Hunger Games. And people are trying to figure out why. Well, O’Really knows and he is not afraid to share the reason why the movie flopped. Because the answer is right here in these Chloe Grace Moretz fake nude pictures. Read more

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