You don’t have to wait to see Emmy Rossum naked, her fake pictures are here at #28 on the countdown! 10-7-15

October 7, 2015

Shameless Emmy Rossum nude
We’ve got some good news for everyone today, especially if they’re fans of Emmy Rossum naked (and, really, who isn’t?). Normally you would have to wait until January or so when the new season of Showtime’s smash hit show Shameless comes back for the chance to check out Emmy’s amazing body buck naked and incredibly beautiful. But thanks to the Celeb Hot 50 countdown you don’t have to wait nearly that long. You can check it out today thanks to these incredible fake nude pictures of Emmy naked and naughty. She’s the countdown’s #28 girl and she has never looked better than she does today! Read more

At #29 we turn the “Paige” with WWE’s hottest and palest sexy Diva’s fake nude pictures! 10-6-15

October 6, 2015

A whiter shade of pale! Paige nude!
When you’re doing a countdown as illustrious as the Celeb Hot 50 where we go out and rank the very sexiest celebrities in the entire world you’re going to get all kinds of women. We’re going to get actresses. We’re going to get singers. We’re going to get television hosts. Sometimes we end up getting a combination of all of those. But how about wrestlers? As anyone who’s ever watched Wrestling knows, there’s a lot of smoking hot babes out there. But none hotter than the one we have on our countdown at #29 in these naughty Paige fake nude pictures. Read more

Vanessa Hudgens fake nude pictures show us all we want and more as the countdown’s #30 girl! 10-5-15

October 5, 2015

Vanessa Hudgens nude and exposed
Now it’s a fact that no one likes Mondays and for obvious reasons. But there’s a good reason to really enjoy them because after a weekend away it means that we’re able to get back to doing the Celeb Hot 50 countdown where we show off the sexiest celebrities ranked the hottest in the entire world and show off along with it the very best fake nude celebrity pictures of them! Now that’s a reason to want a Monday and it’s especially true when we hit #30 on the countdown and are able to show off Vanessa Hudgens nude and naughty just like we love to see it. You’d better believe a sexy slut like this is in the countdown and today we get to see her. Read more

Fakes of the Week has a sexy showdown at top with fakes of Kirsten Dunst, Emma Watson and more! 10-4-15

October 4, 2015

What did you think of yesterday’s first half of the countdown? Tremendous, you say? Amazing? Pulse pounding good? Maybe the best one we ever had? Well you aint seen nothing yet because that was just the first half of the countdown and we have a lot to go. And what a packed second half we have here too because we are ready to roll with naughty nude celebrity action with the very best fake pictures of the entire week. Faketober is roaring already here and we have the fakes to prove it so let’s see who’s number one with Kirsten Dunst, Selena Gomez and lots more! Read more

Fakes of the Week rocks into Faketober with a red hot countdown starring Hayden Panettiere, Jennifer Lawrence and lots more! 10-3-15

October 3, 2015

Hey, has anyone noticed the calendar? Yep, September is over. But you know what that means, don’t you? No it’s not that it’s time for Columbus Day and Halloween. What it means is that it’s time for the best month of the year. We’re talking Faketober! Yep, it’s the month where it seems like the very best fake nude celebrity pictures flow out like fine wine and if you have any doubt that this Faketober is going to be rocking then look no further than this edition of Fakes of the Week. It’s one of our hottest and sexiest and most creative countdowns ever with the best artists and the hottest girls. So strap in because this is a wild one and we’ve got Taylor Swift, Hayden Panettiere and lots more to start us off! Read more

Kat Dennings fake nude pictures and her amazing big tits make an impression at #31! 10-2-15

October 2, 2015

Big tit bonanza! Kat Dennings nude!
What’s the number for today? Well you’d better believe that it’s 31 as in woman #31 on the Celeb Hot 50 countdown of the 50 sexiest women in the world today. But let’s also have a letter for today. How about D? As in Double D tits all big and round and bouncy. And what better combination of letter and number because here on the list at 31 is one sexy woman with a serious set of natural Double Ds. And you can see it all in these Kat Dennings fake nude pictures! She has a pair of the best tits in Hollywood today and it’s so hot to be able to show them off in the countdown! Read more

At #32, Elizabeth Olsen fake nude pictures burst onto the countdown! 10-1-15

October 1, 2015

Naughty debut with Elizabeth Olsen nude
When you do the Celeb Hot 50 countdown like we do you’re going to see some patterns emerge as you go from year to year. And since this is our third year we have to say we know year to year there are going to be some countdown mainstays. We know some girls are going to be featured year to year. No we’re not going to tell you who they are and spoil the surprise of who’s coming but we will tell you that with 50 spots on the countdown of the sexiest women in the world there is room for repeat beauties and for new names. And that’s just what we have here today in the #32 spot as we check out some sexy Elizabeth Olsen fake nude pictures. Read more

Her divorce papers ink is barely dry and O’Really is interrupting the countdown to bring Kaley Cuoco fake nude pictures! 9-30-15

September 30, 2015

Sexy divorcee Kaley Cuoco nude
Did you think a mere countdown could keep O’Really silent? Well that’s just simply never going to happen. He has broken free of his restraints and no locked door could hold him (seriously, you do NOT want to know what the Updates Guy did in that closet) because there are stories out there that need the kind of specialized coverage that only The O’Really Report can bring. Because there are always celebrities out there getting in the news for the wrong reason and always Hollywood sluts getting married and divorced (sometimes at the same time). So with news about the big Kaley Cuoco divorce there’s really no way O’Really could stay silent, not when he has all these awesome fake nude pictures of Kaley to show! Read more

#33 on the countdown lets us all get Clipped with sexy Ashley Tisdale fake nude pictures 9-29-15

September 29, 2015

Ashley Tisdale nude is a sexy dream
Are you ready to get “Clipped”? Well if you’re not up on your slang for murder, that’s one of the ways to say you want someone taken out permanently. But we’re not into all of that here. We’re only into showing off the very sexiest fake nude celebrity pictures out there and you’d better believe that includes Ashley Tisdale fake nude pictures! The star of TBS’ hairdresser sitcom Clipped is looking sexier than ever these days. She’s left Disney behind and has embraced her sexy side and we get a chance to see it on display as gorgeous Ashley comes in at #33 on our Celeb Hot 50 countdown! Read more

The Celeb Hot 50 countdown gets back to it with gorgeous fakes of Kate Beckinsale nude at #34! 9-28-15

September 28, 2015

Sultry and seductive Kate Beckinsale nude
It’s a brand new week and that means it’s time to rev up the Celeb Hot 50 countdown and it means for all you Americans checking out which celebrity is the next one on our list of the 50 sexiest in the world then it’s time for some international flavor. But if you’re one of our many esteemed British fans then it’s time for your country to represent because right now we are showing off some extremely sexy Kate Beckinsale fake nude pictures and making it clear why this elegant but naughty British MILF is on our list at #34! Read more

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