Lucy Lawless fake nude pictures show off why this sex icon is hotter than ever! 11-25-15

November 25, 2015

Ash vs. Lucy Lawless nude
Is there ever a bad time to get Lucy Lawless naked? We happen to think that the answer to that is a resounding “no.” Because when you’re someone as sexy as Lucy, with an amazing body and a fun-loving attitude who has aged like fine wine and is still as much an ass kicker as she was almost two decades ago then there really isn’t any reason why we shouldn’t be staring at you naked on a daily basis. And fortunately here at Celebrity Pass we can make that happen thanks to the large collection of her fake nude pictures we are highlighting today in the Celebrity Spotlight! Read more

Kate Beckinsale fake nude pictures show off why her divorce is the best thing that ever happened to her! 11-24-15

November 24, 2015

Kate Beckinsale nude and single
O’Really was looking forward to a long Thanksgiving break. After all he had to work two whole times last week and this schedule is really starting to interfere with his beauty sleep as well as his collection of the very sexiest fake nude celebrity pictures. But sometimes there is a story too juicy for him to resist and he jumps right into the action, especially when he has red hot Kate Beckinsale fake nude pictures to show the world. That’s right, Kate is dumping her husband and is on the market again. And O’Really has the fake nude pictures of Kate to remind the world why she is one fine piece of MILF ass! Read more

Natalie Dormer fake nude pictures are a secret for Hunger Games success! 11-23-15

November 23, 2015

No games, Mockingjay's Natalie Dormer nude
Well the box office figures are in and there was no surprise about which movie was number one during the weekend. Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, the end to the Hunger Games saga, was number one and we’re not going to say bullet but let’s say with an arrow because that’s the weapon of Katniss Everdeen’s choice. But we’re not here shockingly to talk about getting Jennifer Lawrence nude (though that is one of our favorite topics). No we’re here to talk about one of Mockingjay’s top scene stealers and critical characters and we’re here to talk about these awesome Natalie Dormer fake nude pictures. So let’s check them out and see why these fakes, like the movie, are a huge hit. Read more

Fakes of the Week brings the sexy (and the silly) to crown the best fake with Amanda Seyfried, Halle Berry and more! 11-22-15

November 22, 2015

We don’t want to brag but it’s pretty clear that we are having a November to remember around here. And really we shouldn’t be doing the bragging because we aren’t the ones doing the work. It’s our gifted and talented artists who are doing the hard work of taking the sexiest famous people in the world and turning their images into fake nude celebrity pictures. All we do is show off the best of the best and our artists make that easy. We are closing out another memorable Fakes of the Week today and we are showing off this week’s hottest and most creative fakes so get ready to savor some famous tits and ass with Kristen Bell, Halle Berry and lots more! Read more

Fakes of the Week shows off our fakers at their best with Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and much more! 11-21-15

November 21, 2015

If you haven’t noticed, things are starting to get cold out there. We had snow in several places yesterday and the temperatures are falling as we get later and later into the year. In fact the Holiday season is right around the corner so everyone had better be ready to bundle up. But if you’re dressing more warmly and fearing the freeze, rest assured that here at Celebrity Pass things are only going to get hotter and this week things are hot as hell. It’s time for the Fakes of the Week and you had better be ready for things to get weird and sexy. We have some of the most explicit and naughtiest and creative fakes you will ever see and we’re counting them all down. So get inside because we have Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence and lots more for everyone to warm up with! Read more

Hello from Adele fake nude pictures! She’s about to strike it big again and we have her nude in the Celebrity Spotlight! 11-20-15

November 20, 2015

Big hits and big tits with Adele nude
She’s on the verge of potentially record breaking sales in an industry that could sorely use all the sales it can get and her new single is a monster hit already. This is after she won an Oscar and Grammys for her musical talent and set the bar so high that she might not be able to surpass it herself. Who else could we be talking about other than Adele? And with her new album coming out today and a big gig over the weekend we know it’s the right time to put the spotlight on her and make sure everyone gets a great view of these Adele fake nude pictures! Read more

Miley Cyrus does it again! She takes it all off but O’Really’s fake nude Miley pics are even hotter! 11-19-15

November 19, 2015

Miley Cyrus nude and nasty
O’Really has a very important question to ask. Can we ever go a single week without us seeing Miley Cyrus naked? The answer to that is actually a clear “no” because it seems that Miley naked is way more her natural state than Miley dressed. That girl just does not want to keep her clothes on but O’Really is definitely not complaining. Because having Miley Cyrus naked is a great thing indeed and if she insists on stripping off her clothes every chance she gets then we are going to keep on enjoying it. But even though Miley’s nude pictures are her naughtiest ones they still can’t be as sexy as these fake pictures that O’Really has today! Read more

Get to know a babe! Melissa Benoist fake nude pictures show off a super girl for sure (as well as Supergirl) 11-18-15

November 18, 2015

Supergirl Melissa Benoist nude!
Look in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Supergirl! And actually let’s be a little bit more specific. It’s Supergirl nude! Ohhhh yeahhh now we’re really talking! Of course who wants to be talking when we have Melissa Benoist fake nude pictures to show off and give everyone a chance to see the actress that is really starting to captivate TV audiences. The show might have just launched but it is having a real impact in the ratings and it’s time for people to “get to know” Melissa. She might not be a household name yet but she sure as hell will be thanks to this show! Read more

Getting Angelina Jolie nude and in the Celebrity Spotlight is always a hit! 11-17-15

November 17, 2015

By the sea of Angelina Jolie fake nude pics
Here’s some more good news for everyone! The Celebrity Spotlight is back! Yes we are going to be looking at the hottest celebrities and the kinkiest categories here at Celebrity Pass. And since the Celeb Hot 50 is over we can get back to doing what we do best with the hottest fake nude celebrity pictures! Here’s some even better news to add to it, we’re back with Angelina Jolie fake nude pictures! Of course the news isn’t all good since we’ve seen the box office returns for Angelina’s new movie but stuff like that doesn’t matter when the fakes are as good as these and her naughty, naked body is fully on display! Read more

O’Really is back and after Ronda Rousey’s knockout her fake nude pictures are hotter than ever! 11-16-15

November 16, 2015

Ronda Rousey nude knockout!
Great news everyone! Because the Celeb Hot 50 countdown has come to an end (and congratulations again to Taylor Swift for becoming the countdown winner for 2015) that means O’Really is back and better than ever! Yes he might have been forced to take a vacation and wander through the wilderness of celebrity sex stories and wild fake nude photos of beautiful naked celebrities but he is back and he is ready to rage! No one can keep The O’Really Report down, especially not the Updates Guy and O’Really is back to respond to the shocking news from the weekend! Yes Ronda Rousey got knocked the fuck out and O’Really is here to cover the story as only he can, with Ronda’s hottest fake nude pictures! Read more

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