We’re stripping down Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Katy Perry and more and leaving them in sexy stockings! 10-23-14

October 23, 2014

Naughty Natalie Portman stockings slut
There are many great things about Celebrity Pass but one of the best is that we don’t just show off the very best fake nude pictures of the sexiest celebrities in an easily searchable databse. No, we also make sure and cater to some very fun fetishes here. We’ve looked in the past at the Celeb Facial category and don’t forget Anal and Blowjob and of course Lesbian. But today we’re looking at something else as we don’t quite get all the celebrities here naked, not when we can leave them dressed in their very sexiest Stockings. So get in here for Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Katy Perry and a whole lot more. Read more

Katharine McPhee fake nude photos make the Celebrity Spotlight shine on her hot body 10-22-14

October 22, 2014

Katharine McPhee nude is a sexy Scorpion sting
Well we hope everyone enjoyed the Celeb Hot 50 countdown of the 50 sexiest celebrities in the world but all good things had to come to an end. The good news, though, is that the fun never stops around here what with the huge collection of fake nude celebrity pictures we have here. And while we took a few months off to make way for the countdown that just means we have plenty of new opportunities to show off gorgeous nude women as we bring back the Celebrity Spotlight. And we’re going to do it right as we check out these beautiful Katharine McPhee fake nude pictures as this sexy singer tries again to be a TV star. Read more

O’Really is back and he’s got Penelope Cruz fake nude pictures with him! 10-21-14

October 21, 2014

Esquire's choice Penelope Cruz nude
You can’t keep a good man down, especially when that man is as awesome as O’Really! Yes the Celeb Hot 50 countdown has crowned its champion (spoiler alert, it was Scarlett Johansson) and is done until 2015 and that means O’Really is back and able to say whatever he wants about whoever he wants (meaning the updates guy is STILL a jerk!). But O’Really isn’t mad about being shoved off to the side for three months. Oh no it gave him a chance to hang out with the Sexiest Woman Alive. And no, he’s not talking about Scarlett. He’s talking about the choice of Esquire Magazine. He’s talking about these Penelope Cruz fake nude pictures. Read more

#1 at last! Scarlett Johansson fake nude pictures show off why she’s the hottest babe of 2014!

October 20, 2014

#1 in the world Scarlett Johansson nude
At last the day is here. We started out at #50 and day after day (even with a few O’Really Report) interruptions we counted down the sexiest celebrities in the world one by one and now the big day is here. It’s time to reveal the NEW #1 girl in the Celeb Hot 50 countdown and while this is a change from last year it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone when they see these Scarlett Johansson fake nude pictures that she is the voter’s choice. Scarlett is the queen of celebrity sex for 2014 with her gorgeous face, big tits and most fuckable ass. So jump on inside and see without a shadow of a doubt why she’s the one picked to be #1. Read more

Fakes of the Week has plenty for you to go wild over with Emma Watson, Olivia Wilde and more trying to be the best 10-19-14

October 19, 2014

So New Hampshire had a bunch of drunk people rioting at something called Pumpkin Fest, huh? Frankly we don’t know why anyone would riot over pumpkins. It’s not like they’re something awesome like fake nude celebrity pictures or anything. Now that would be something worth rioting over. But fortunately everyone can calm down because we have enough naked celebrities for everyone as we cruise toward number one on our Fakes of the Week countdown. Yes we have the hottest celebrities naked thanks to our most gifted, imaginative artists and we have them right here for you today as we look over the very best fakes we had this week. So stop your rioting and sit down because we have Olivia Wilde, Jessica Alba and so much more to show. Read more

Fakes of the Week shows off sensual imagination with Olivia Munn, Scarlett Johansson and more! 10-18-14

October 18, 2014

If you didn’t think that it was Faketober after last weekend’s extravaganza of amazing fake nude celebrity pictures then just wait until you get a look at what we’ve got this week. It’s time for another edition of Fakes of the Week and this week we really saw some of our best artists get wild and crazy with their presentation of naked celebrities. It was not a week for hardcore action but rather imaginative and erotic visual and boy do we have that this week as we look at what was the best of the best of the hundreds of updates to the site this week. We have beautiful woman exposed done by our most creative hands so step in and see Scarlett Johansson, Sarah Michelle Gellar and so much more. Read more

At #2, Taylor Swift fake nude pictures expose this good girl superstsar! 10-17-14

October 17, 2014

Naughty girl Taylor Swift nude
We are ever so close to number one. After weeks and weeks of counting down from #50 we are almost at the finish line to find out who our voters declared to be the sexiest celebrity in the world. But for that answer you will have to wait until Monday because today is all about the woman our voters declared to the silver medal winner of this contest. And for that all you have to do is ignore all the cheaters and the dirty, dirty liars and listen to this…sick…beat with these amazing Taylor Swift fake nude pictures. Read more

Victoria Justice fake nude pictures take a little stumble to #3 on the countdown 10-16-14

October 16, 2014

Smile for the camera! Victoria Justice nude
Well this is a momentous day for sure because it shows we have had a shakeup in our countdown. Today we are looking at a collection of amazing Victoria Justice fake nude pictures at number three in the Celeb Hot 50 countdown and that’s momentous because it means we will have a NEW number one girl this year. Yes last year Victoria was declared to be the sexiest celebrity in all of the land and this year she has slipped just a tad two places down to number three. But before we get toward determining who will be the top two finishers, let’s take a good, long look at some steamy, sexy pictures of Victoria naked. Read more

Selena Gomez stuns us all with amazing fake nude pictures at #4 on the countdown 10-15-14

October 15, 2014

Sexy and slutty Selena Gomez nude
It’s hard to believe that we’re already into the top five of our Celeb Hot 50 countdown as we reach #4 today. But you know what’s really hard to believe? That these Selena Gomez fake nude pictures aren’t ranked number one. That’s how good they are. She looks absolutely stunning here and as one of the sexiest pieces of ass in Hollywood today it’s no surprise that she is so highly ranked on our countdown. People just can’t get enough dirty thoughts about Selena and we can see why here today as it becomes clear just how this gorgeous young woman inspires our best artists to get her naked and nasty. Read more

Catch a rising star at #5 as sexy Marvel babe Chloe Bennet shoots close to the top with her fake nude pictures 10-14-14

October 14, 2014

Agents of S.E.X. Chloe Bennet nude
As we’ve gone through this countdown, we’ve seen a lot of sexy celebrities who have built long and prosperous careers for themselves and still know how to make an impact as well as some women making their first breaks for themselves in Hollywood. But what about women who are high rising superstars exploding onto the countdown like a supernova? You’d better believe that’s what we have today with these Chloe Bennet fake nude pictures. This young actress wasn’t even ranked last year and here she is at #5 looking like one of the sexiest women alive. Now that’s an impressive show but what’s most impressive is just how hot she looks in all of these fake nude pictures we have of her. Read more

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