There’s ‘No Escape’ from sexy Lake Bell fake nude pictures! (And thank goodness for that!) 8-26-15

August 26, 2015

Jump into the Lake Bell nude fakes!
Normally when you hear the term “No Escape” it’s not a good thing. But how about when you’re surrounded by gorgeous Lake Bell fake nude pictures? Oh yeah, who would ever want to escape something like that. She is one of the hottest women in Hollywood with amazing natural tits and a willingness to take it all off. She also is one of the most underrated women in Hollywood and with her new movie hitting theaters today we know it is the perfect time to break out some of Lake’s best fake nude pictures and get this gorgeous Hollywood star into the Celebrity Spotlight. Read more

She’s ‘Sinister’ and so, so sexy. Check out Shannyn Sossamon fake nude pictures! 8-25-15

August 25, 2015

Shannyn Sossamon nude like never before!
Are you ready for something Sinister? Now by that we don’t mean something that will spook or scare you. We’re not about to throw a spider at you or go “Boo!” It’s still two months until Halloween so we will not be getting you anything spooky. But what we will do is show off these sexy Shannyn Sossamon fake nude pictures because that is what we do best. So how is getting a gorgeous woman and her fake naked pictures in the Celebrity Spotlight sinister? Well that’s because that is the title of her new movie and if you like creepy ghost stories it’s for you and if you don’t then just stay right here because Shannyn has never looked sexier than she does here. Read more

BFF’s forever? O’Really is all over the Selena Gomez/Demi Lovato friendship renewal and he’s got their hottest fake nude pics too! 8-24-15

August 24, 2015

Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato nude reunion?
There are just too many hot stories about sexy celebrities going on at once. O’Really barely ever has a chance to breathe before something else crazy happens and he has to get back to work getting the best XXX scoop with the help of the vast collection of fake nude celebrity pictures he has. But this time O’Really isn’t talking about a sex scandal or a divorce or a breakup. No, this time O’Really is reporting that it looks like the Selena Gomez/Demi Lovato BFF relationship is back on and even O’Really can enjoy the good news of those two beautiful brunettes being friends again, especially if we get what we see in these sexy fake nude pictures of the both of them. Read more

Our best artists come out to play in the Fakes of the Week so check out their best with Katy Perry, Hailee Steinfeld and more! 8-23-15

August 23, 2015

Things just keep getting hotter and hotter around here at Celebrity Pass, but that should come as no surprise when you are looking at the very best fake nude celebrity pictures of the week. Yes, it’s time for the Fakes of the Week and yes it is time to take this countdown straight to number one. We took a look at the first half yesterday and it was awesome, but we’re going to do even better today as we take a look at our top five and see which fakes are the very best ones out of the hundreds of pictures uploaded to the site this week. So get ready for some sexy celebrity fun. We’ve got Katy Perry, Reese Witherspoon and lots more waiting inside. Read more

Fakes of the Week is a weekend explosion of sex with Anna Kendrick, Kylie Jenner and so much more! 8-22-15

August 22, 2015

Dog days of summer getting you down? Well they shouldn’t be because here in Celebrity Pass there is nothing but hot summer heat as we get the very sexiest celebrities nude and nasty thanks to daily updates of fake pictures of your favorite summer babes. And there’s nothing hotter than the Fakes of the Week where we go and take the very hottest fake nude celebrity pictures we see each week and turn it into a countdown you can’t miss. There’s no dog days of summer when we have hot celebrity tits and ass to show as our best artists turn your XXX celebrity fantasies into amazing illusions. So let’s get counting because we’ve got Carrie Underwood, Anna Kendrick and so much more! Read more

American Ultra’s Kristen Stewart shows it all in kinky fake nude pictures! 8-21-15

August 21, 2015

Fakes of Kristen Stewart nude are 'ultra' good
When you go to the movies these days it’s always the same old thing, isn’t it? It’s just your typical story of boy meets girl and boy and girl smoke a lot of weed and enjoy their lives until it turns out that boy is a brainwashed assassin for the CIA who knows how to kill people with any household object. Okay, maybe that’s not the typical story that you find at the movies but it’s what people are going to find at their local movie houses starting today with the release of American Ultra. And what better way to mark the release of this strange action comedy than by taking some of our best Kristen Stewart fake nude pictures and putting them into our Celebrity Spotlight. Read more

With the help of her fake nude pictures, O’Really shows why the Megan Fox divorce is a reason to celebrate! 8-20-15

August 20, 2015

No marriage and no clothes. Megan Fox nude
Well O’Really was planning on taking a long weekend and kicking back and relaxing but wouldn’t you know it, it seems every time he tries to take some time off there’s a big celebrity story that needs his specialized attention. After all, who else is going to do it? The updates guy? C’mon he can barely put a sentence together without slurring his words and drooling all over himself and that’s just from typing. No, this is a job that only O’Really can handle and handle it he will with the hottest XXX fake scoop on the big news of the day, the big Megan Fox divorce! Read more

Salma Hayek loves her body and O’Really loves her fake nude pictures! 8-19-15

August 19, 2015

Aging to perfection, Salma Hayek nude
So it sure seems as though Salma Hayek loves her body. Of course that’s not really news to anyone. Salma SHOULD love her body. It’s an amazing body and you don’t even need O’Really to tell you that. It’s obvious to anyone with working eyes. With her big, natural double D cup tits and her round ass and that flawless face, anyone can see that Salma is one of the most gorgeous women in the entire world. So saying she loves her body is akin to declaring that water is wet and the sun is bright. It’s a given fact! But O’Really is still a news reporting source and he’s going to talk about this brand new development with the help of all of these Salma Hayek fake nude pictures. Read more

Winona Ryder fake nude pictures show off why she’s always welcome in the Celebrity Spotlight! 8-18-15

August 18, 2015

'Show me' Winona Ryder nude
You know what’s fun about checking out your favorite celebrities? When you see one you hadn’t thought of in some time and you’re immediately struck by first how gorgeous they still are and also by the question “Where have you been hiding?” That’s what we got when we turned on HBO the other day and saw Winona Ryder looking as sexy as she ever has, more mature and far from the ingénue she once was and just as gorgeous. It got us thinking all about her and we knew that it was more than overdue that we get into the sexy collection of Winona Ryder fake nude pictures we have here and get her into the Celebrity Spotlight. Read more

Did Hannah Montana ruin Miley Cyrus’ life? She sure thinks so and O’Really shows why with Miley’s fake nude pics! 8-17-15

August 17, 2015

No more Hannah! Just Miley Cyrus nude!
Did Hannah Montana ruin Miley Cyrus’ life? Well the short answer is no. It helped make her a gazillionaire and because of Hannah Montana making Miley internationally famous we have the Miley we have today, you know the one that can’t stop making out with cute girls and getting naked for the world to see. So O’Really likes this Miley a lot! But the long answer is more complex than a simple “no” because Miley said the pressure of being a Disney girl did serious damage to her teenage psyche. So what’s really going on? O’Really is going to find out with the help of Miley Cyrus fake nude pictures! Read more

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