Olympic champion Shawn Johnson is an Olympic slut in these fake nudes O’Really dug up! 6-21-12

June 21, 2012

XXX Shawn Johnson nude fakes
Apparently the Olympics are coming or something.  O’Really isn’t much of an Olympics fan except when it comes to topless women’s beach volleyball…that’s a medal event, right?  But apparently the Olympics are a big deal and when they open up next month in London people are going to pay attention.  So what’s O’Really going to do about it?  He’ll probably watch some of it from his couch with a big bag of Cheetos in one hand and a lot of fake celebrity nudes in the other.  Because you know what’s a lot more fun than a bunch of grunting athletes? Naked celebrities and one celebrity who won’t be at the Olympics this year is gold medal winner Shawn Johnson.  Instead she’ll be right here with O’Really…at least her nude fakes will be.

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson retired last month from competing after injuries and age slowed her down. And really we shouldn’t be surprised.  After all Shawn is 20 and that’s practically a senior citizen in a sport where you’re past your prime at the age of 16.  But fortunately that just means we can focus less on Shawn as an Olympic gymnast with her gold medals and more on Shawn Johnson nude and slutty.  Because that’s the kind of coverage you only get here with XXX-clusive O’Really Reports and never on NBC’s Olympics shows.

You’re never going to see Shawn Johnson naked on NBC but you will here at O’Really.  You get to see her naked and see just how flexible her tight young body is.  Around here we give you the coverage other networks wouldn’t dare to, mostly because they’re legitimate news organizations and we make this shit up as we go along, but also because they don’t want you to see Shawn flexing her tight young body and showing off her pretty little pussy, all tight and yummy and ready to be defiled by her horny fans.

See the reason Shawn gave for retiring was that she wasn’t going to be able to compete at this year’s Olympics and she wanted to stop putting her body through all that hellacious training, but we think there’s more of another reason.  After all Shawn is a celebrity for winning her gold medals and for winning Dancing with the Stars but she doesn’t want to just be a celebrity…she wants to be a slutty celebrity.  And she’s in the right place for that.  She’s going to want to look as hot as she does in all these nasty fakes and be as big a slut as she is here, doing her routine naked and even getting a big load of cum to her pretty face as a sign of how much the judges loved her performance.

Now this is the kind of Olympic coverage that O’Really loves to see and it’s the kind you’re going to get here.  If the games are boring then at least you’ll always have O’Really’s XXX-clusive celebrity nude reports!

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