Journal of an Agent – Chapter 1

April 17, 2008

joa-cover2.jpgLegendary Internet Author Carnage Jackson brings us an adventure in Hollywood unlike any other.

Join Dean Simonds as he makes his way through the stars, literally. Dean and Rachel Leigh Cook have a grand time to start things off just right.

Below you’ll find an excerpt from the story then below that a link to download a zip with both .html and .txt file versions.

Here’s an excerpt to tempt you…

“Rachael stood up before me and wriggled slinkily out of her dress,
letting it fall to the floor. To my surprise, she wasn’t wearing any
panties. Her snatch was a lighter brown than her hair, but was still a
close match. She was shaved in a bikini line but nowhere else, which
left a wispy “V” shape over her mound. Her pussy hair wasn’t very thick
and I could see that her cunt was fully aroused, her dark brown outer
lips glistening from her female wetness.

She lowered her legs over my still erect cock and slowly let it push
into her. My god she was tight, but not a virgin which really didn’t
surprise me.

Finally I felt her settle on top of me, my cock buried to the hilt in
her warm pussy. Rachael sighed a moan of pure satisfaction and then lay
her head on my shoulder. Using the couch as a lift, she proceeded to
slowly move herself up and down my cock. I could feel her pussy craving
more as it tried to grip me every time she slid on and off of my cock.
Wanting to match her pace because I knew I wouldn’t last long inside
her (I hadn’t had sex in a while), I began thrusting my hips up every
time she would pull off, making sure that no matter how high up she
lifted herself, the tip of my prick was still in her. I reached down to
her beautiful snatch and began stroking her clit furiously at a much
faster pace than what we were going at. The combined sensation was too
much for her, as she cried out in orgasm and I felt her juices spill
onto my hand and legs. Feeling myself on the brink, I warned her that I
was about to come. Lifting her head off my shoulder and still
struggling to catch her breath after her orgasm.

Cum…in my…ass,” she gasped.”

Want more? Inside the Zip file below you’ll find both an html and .txt version of the story.

Enjoy… Click to download

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