Journal of an Agent – Chapter 3

May 1, 2008

joa-cover2.jpgOne again Legendary Internet Author Carnage Jackson brings us an adventure in Hollywood unlike any other. Join Dean Simonds as he makes his way through the stars, literally.

Jessica Alba wins an award and somehow Dean gets the prize. They celebrate together and then have pancakes. No really!

Below you’ll find an excerpt from the story then below that a link to download a zip with both .html and .txt file versions.

Thanks for all the positive comments on this new feature.

Here’s a small taste of chapter 3…

“Mmmm…I think I know how to fix that,” Jessica Alba said. Sliding away from my
grasp, she walked over to the opposing counter. Thrusting her ass out
sexily, she pretended like she was doing something else on the
countertop. I walked behind her and ran my hands up and down her legs
and hips, playing with her asscheeks. I gently parted them and then
began to run my cock in between them. Jessica knew exactly what was
coming and ground her ass back against me to get me harder. I pulled
from between her beautiful ass and positioned myself at her pert little
asshole. I smeared the pre-cum from the tip of my cock onto the head
and started to slowly push into her. I told Jessica to just relax and
she complied, and I slowly worked inch by inch of my cock into her ass.
When I was into the hilt, I felt Jessica slip her hand between her legs
and start to play with herself. I placed my hand over hers and guided
her in and out of herself. She was getting wet yet again and took her
soft fingers and reached up and coated my cock with her juice. This
gave me more lubrication and I began pulling in and out of her ass at a
gaining speed. She continued to diddle herself more and more, getting
herself off from not only her hand but also from the thrusting I was
giving her. I started to go even harder and faster now, and Jessica
cried out in part pain, mostly pleasure as we rocked against the
counter top. Finally, I thrust into her once more and came inside of
her ass. Jessica had already cum twice through her own finger fucking,
and we both just lay atop each other on the countertop.

Want more? Inside the Zip file below you’ll find both an html and .txt version of the story.

Enjoy… Click to download

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