Journal of an Agent – Chapter 4

May 8, 2008

joa-cover2.jpgOne again Legendary Internet Author Carnage Jackson brings us an adventure in Hollywood unlike any other. Join Dean Simonds as he makes his way through the stars, literally.

Alyssa Milano looks at scripts and picks Dean. They enjoy each other’s company, and bodies. Who wouldn’t?

Below you’ll find an excerpt from the story then below that a link to download a zip with both .html and .txt file versions.

Thanks for all the positive comments on this new feature.

Here’s a small taste of chapter 4…

“Alyssa seemed to like this better, and her hand grasped my hand away from
her breast and moved it down to her crotch, where I could feel the wetness
building through her jeans. Finally, I stopped licking her tits, and she
sat herself up some on the couch, only to move her hands to her jeans and
slide them down sexily. She was wearing a pair of white cotton panties
that did very little to cover her beautiful little pussy. I could see the
moisture from her lips wetting down the surface of her panties. Slipping a
finger inside, Alyssa began to play with herself, thrusting a finger in
and out of herself at a slow speed at first, then going at it
tremendously. I, in the meantime, was busy unbuttoning my pants and
pulling down my boxers. As I let my boxers fall to the floor and my cock
sprang to attention from Alyssa’s pleasuring of herself self induced
orgasm arrived, and her body shuddered in pleasure as it went stiff and a
soft cry escaped from her lips. Panting and out of breath, she finally
laid back on the bed, with her eyes closed and her head tilted back.
Alyssa opened her eyes and looked at me, smiling slightly. “

Want more? Inside the Zip file below you’ll find both an html and .txt version of the story.

Enjoy… Click to download

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