Journal of an Agent: Chap. 5 – Christina Aguilera (MF/cons/celeb)

May 15, 2008

joa-cover2.jpgLegendary Internet Author Carnage Jackson continues his story about an adventure in Hollywood unlike any before. Join our hero/stud/wishlikehellwewerehim Dean Simonds as he makes his way into the stars, literally. Christina Aguilera is the meat in a sandwich. 2 guys fuck Xtina together… hoooray. No complaints from her thats for damn sure.

Below you’ll find an excerpt from the story then below that a link to download a zip with both .html and .txt file versions.

Thanks for all the positive comments on this continuing feature.

Here’s a small taste of chapter 5…

“Glancing around Christina’s nubile body (she had pulled her tits out now
and was in the process of sucking her own nipple as I guided her up and
down my cock with my hands on her hips, I saw Rick Dugan standing in front
of the chairs and desk, stroking himself. Angry that he might have been
there this whole time, I moved to speak, but Christina beat me to it,
kissing me deeply and keeping me from talking, knowing probably exactly
what I was going to say. While doing this, she lifted herself off of my
dick almost completely. A primal part of me was mad that she had pulled
off before I came, but then I realized that she wasn’t getting off me at
all. She was merely moving her ass up so that it was in range of Rick’s
dick. Feeling his leg bump against mine, I saw a look of total bliss on
his face as he sunk his dick deep into Christina’s asshole slowly and

Want more? Inside the Zip file below you’ll find both an html and .txt version of the story.

Enjoy… Click to download

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